URSC toolkit v3.0

Universal Relative Strength Comparative toolkit for MetaStock

Professional top-down analysis toolbox for US, ASX & other markets.
True Relative Strength % Comparisons between any data sets.
The best available combination of market fundamentals with chart technical analysis.

Some of the URSC toolkit features:

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ASX Group & GICS Sector URSC automatic indicators

• Normalized RSC values with true % levels that are directly comparable to all charts
• Adjustable common zero-starting data points, independent of any missing data
Automatic stock vs GICS/ASX Group/US index Indices Relative Strength Comparisons
Automatic GICS Index vs US indices & ASX 200/500 RSC

ASX Group & GICS Sector URSC automatic indicators

New: Powerful system development tools

• Risk-normalized & annualized profit Long & Short indicators
• Adjustable profit indicator parameters allow valid comparisons
between trading strategies with different risk profiles, such as Buy & Hold.
• Develop, test & compare new trading strategies in minutes!

typical URSC ASX Group template

Automatic display of GICS Industry Group number for current stock
Automatic display of ASX Group number for current stock

typical URSC GICS Sector template

Chart Experts display above/below strength zones and URSC-EMA breakout signals

GICS Indices vs XJO URSC charts

Determine which GICS sector indices are out/under-performing the ASX 200, All Ords or US Indices

GICS Indices vs XJO URSC charts

Compare all 10 GICS sector index relative performance directly in one screen

URSC exploration

URSC Explorations of all stocks vs their respective GICS/ASX Group/US indices
- as well as the stocks' respective GICS index vs the ASX 200/500 or US index.
Allows complex filtering of any combination of selected ASX Groups/US indices & GICS Industry Groups.

URSC exploration

Sort Exploration multi-period Relative Strength rankings by any order.
Several other explorations included.

URSC exploration

Complete profit explorations.
Sort by profitability to quickly find median performance specs for any trading strategy.

URSC toolkit v3.0 for MetaStock

Painless, automatic RSC/GICS analysis

• 45+ URSC indicators

• 34+ URSC Explorations

• 4+4 URSC chart Expert advisors

• 7+7 URSC chart Templates

• Direct Relative Strength Comparisons between stocks, indices, futures & forex

• Automatic GICS Industry & ASX Group ID number indicators

• Display URSC Relative Strength values as a true percentage
or chart-normalized prices

• Adjustable zero-start by user-input of true x calendar days or specific date
- lookback reference point is totally independent of any missing chart data

• GICS chart Experts - with URSC strength zones and breakout signals

• URSC main Exploration: five all-important Relative Strength outputs.
- Explorer filter section allows complex filtering of any combination
of selected GICS Industry Groups.

• MetaStock dll & data set for automatic index selection:
- plug-in automatically detects parent GICS Sector/Industry Group

• Create and isolate your own multiple personal favourites stock portfolios
- filter any GICS/Groups combination;
- for both system testing and exploration purposes.

• Works on any combination of split/duplicate data folders;
- works on 26 A-Z MetaStock folders, or any other multiple data folder setup.
- keep all MetaStock data in a single folder if you wish!

• US GICS data included:
- GICS data for the entire universe of S&P Research Insight stocks (9,000)

• ASX GICS data included:
- GICS data for the entire universe of ASX stocks (1,700+)

• Adaptable to European, Asian or any other markets.

• Please read the URSC documentation for more details.

All future kit version updates/upgrades remain free for life to all genuine kit owners.

Suitable for MetaStock EOD v8.01 & above, or MetaStock Pro v8.0 & above.

Price and Ordering

The complete URSC toolkit is priced at  USD 695 payable through any Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union.

Please order your Divergence kit directly from the author here.

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