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Markets are evolving at an accelerating pace.  With the advent of HFT and politically-driven markets, trading strategies that once seemed profitable are no longer valid.

Trading tools need to adapt quickly and selectively to these ever-changing conditions, in order for them to remain useful to the professional trader.  There is no better and easier way to adapt to these rapidly changing times than with the unique VST-based strategy platforms.

VST-02 is a multi-strategy trading system married to the next-generation VST (Visual Strategy Trader) platform, a highly accurate and integrated set of unique trading tools for MetaStock v8.0 and above, developed by Jose Silva for professional traders.

The trading system incorporated into VST-02 is based on a unique composite Price/Volume RSI with six auto-adapting overbought & oversold zones.  The flexible VST-02 allows the trader to choose any of 60 filter/strategy combinations to suit any liquid security, adapt the chosen strategy to the trader's personal risk and trade time-frame preferences, and verify its potential profit & risk visually and immediately.

Additionally VST-02 allows the easy and quick testing of any strategy based on your own custom Oscillator.  It includes the unique CRE technology found only in the VST platforms: Change, Refresh, Experiment - an essential tool for real-time visual confirmation of each new strategy's performance.

VST-02 is available for a low one-time fee - please order your VST-02 at the bottom of this page.

VST-02 features

Total Nr Long strategy combinations  
Total Nr Short strategy combinations  
Adjustable/switchable Trend Filter  
Long/Short with one click and chart refresh  
CRE (Change/Refresh/Experiment) technology  
Unique price/volume composite RSI Oscillator  
Easily plug-in any custom Oscillator  
6 self-adapting Oscillator zones  
Instant multi-option Profit & Risk curves  
Optimal profit trendline guide  
Customize Risk exposure  
Risk-adjusted Position Sizing  
Risk-adjusted Returns  
Win % rate  
Trade count and duration stats  
Exploration (scan) for Long/Short signals  


Order VST-02

475 AUD
VSTpro clients: 
425 AUD