VST overview

The Visual Strategy Trader (VST) is a customizable strategy platform, complete with a uniquely integrated visual display of profit and risk.

All elements within the VST template are fully interconnected, so that changing strategies or adjusting any parameters will also immediately
update all signals and backtesting results, for an instant visual feedback on the chosen system's profit and risk characteristics.

The VST platform is free.
Available for all versions of MetaStock - EOD/Pro/Forex, v8.0 and above.

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The key to unlocking the power of VST is to take advantage of its CRE technology:

Change    Refresh    Experiment

Changing parameters and refreshing the chart allows for unprecedented rapid experimentation with any of the VST strategy combinations - profit and risk charts and commentary stats immediately reflect changes made.

You need the VST if:

       1) You are looking for a mechanical system which verifies profitability;
       2) You are looking for an integrated and reliable visual representation of Profit and Risk;
       3) You'd like to see how different strategies relate in terms of Risk/Reward.

2min VST video introduction - Flash required

Click here for VST video introduction - Flash required

Please click here to view a full 36min instructional video of the VST's features.
The VST platform is free and available now - please download it here.

VSTpro overview

The Visual Strategy Trader professional platform ( with bonus VSTmod & VSTopt modules) quantifies trading strategies and prospective trades in terms of expected profit and risk factors, and visualizes all trades and stats in an easy to understand graphical manner.  VSTpro allows the professional trader to know exactly what he/she is getting into before any capital is committed.

As well as being a fully-featured visual backtesting platform, the unique and powerful VSTpro also includes a highly integrated and configurable complete trading strategy, based on the unique and powerful Market Trend Filter (MTF) which is adaptable to any market.  The MTF is key in VSTpro's exceptional backtest and current trade results.

All elements in each of the VSTpro's 50 templates are completely interconnected - adjusting any strategy parameter will also update all signals and backtesting results globally, for an instant visual feedback on the effects made by the changes.

VSTpro allows you to tailor its main strategy according to your own risk requirements: just dial in your personal risk limit, and VSTpro automatically determines the optimal risk-management settings such as recommended leverage and position sizing.
Trade the markets like a true professional - VSTpro helps the trader understand (in a visual way) how profit and risk are intimately related, and how this inseparable relationship can be applied to improve realistic profits through leverage.

VSTpro is available for all versions of MetaStock v8 and above.

2min VSTpro video introduction - Flash required

Click here for VSTpro video introduction - Flash required

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The key to unlocking the phenomenal power of VSTpro, is to take advantage of its CRE technology:     Change    Refresh    Experiment
Changing parameters and refreshing the chart allows for unprecedented rapid experimentation with any of the myriad VSTpro strategy combinations - profit and risk charts and commentary stats immediately reflect changes made.

New to MetaStock:
Segmented Long & Short SmartStops - only visible during trades, and always remain within price scale.

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New:   Select Date & Time backtest range

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Date/time-base filters which allow the selection of any backtest date range for EOD charts, and a date and time range for intraday charts.

New:   Intelligent strategy optimizer

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* Automatically and instantly finds optimal Long and Short strategies for any chart, based on 90 VST strategy combinations.
* Displays optimal Market Trend Filter type, as well as optimal entry and exit conditions.
* Unique optimization robustness factor adjusts optimal results for any curve-fitting.

The VSTopt module adds intelligent signal optimization for 90 VSTpro band combinations in each security.
For more robust optimal results, VSTopt optimizes signals based on the Profit/Risk ratio rather than the traditional profit-only method which ignores risk.   VSTopt's unique method also incorporates safeguards to geatly reduce the curve-fitting problem common to other optimization processes.

Finally, optimization that really works!

The VSTpro platform is not just a complete profitable trading strategy, but also a system developer's dream.   Whether you are a beginner looking for initial guidance or an experienced professional trader aiming to sharpen your own strategy, VSTpro offers invaluable help in tailoring the profitable trading strategy of choice to suit your personal needs.

VSTpro works on all versions of MetaStock (EOD/Pro/Forex, v8.0 and above), and on any chart periodicity including intraday.

Features comparison table

Change/Refresh/Experiment (CRE) technology
* Total backtest Profit exceeds maximum Risk by
+30 %
+240 %
Number of strategy combinations
Number of integrated platform components
Instant trade signals display of selected strategy combination
Instant accumulated Profit & Risk display
Intelligent system robustness indicators  
Display trade-by-trade Profit & Risk and other stats  
Powerful & lagless Market Trend Filter (MTF)  
Bonus VSTmod - 42 strategies, plug in and test any custom strategy  
Bonus VSTopt - intelligent instant optimizer for 90 VSTpro strategies  
Early-warning trade signals (one bar/day ahead)  
Apply signals & stats to custom Date & Time periods  
Template-based comprehensive signals & stats explorations  
Exploration stats - summary report tool  
Short strategy setups  
Fully adjustable Volatility/Fixed% hybrid SmartStops  
Customize risk to personal preference  
Recommended Position Size and Leverage for each trade  
Advanced Profit/Risk/Trade statistics  
1 Month's subscription to LearnMetaStock.com  
Weekly-updated trade sample table  
User manual (online)  
Private support group  
Completely visible & editable code
Full instructional video
Compatible with all versions of MetaStock v8.0 and up
Works on any periodicity, including intraday
* Results based on 2000-2010 period EOD backtest of S&P 500 stocks 

Key unique features

1) It is a powerful, adaptable and complete professional Long/Short trading strategy - see standard VSTpro trading strategy results.  
2) The VSTpro's unique and powerful Market Trend Filter (MTF) is an *essential and integral* part of the VSTpro's strategy.  And since the market direction accounts for most stocks' price movement, the MTF accounts for the greater portion of the VSTpro strategy's profit.  The MTF also reduces risk exposure which results in even greater profits.  
3) VSTpro's unique professional initial/trailing integrated stops - test your variation of the VSTpro strategy with different settings and combinations, and see the results immediately.  
4) Select your personal risk preference (i.e., exposure to the markets), and let the VSTpro automatically recommend your trade's Position Size and/or Leverage.  
5) Long & Short explorations which act as a fully-featured backtesting platform - with unique and easy to use control-panel style templates to adjust all exploration parameters.  
6) Select any custom Date and Time backtest range, for instant visual results on chosen period.  
7) Bonus VSTmod - backtest an additional 47 strategies, or easily plug in and backtest your own custom strategies.  
8) Bonus VSTopt - unique intelligent strategy optimizer, displays optimal strategy combination for each security while reducing the curve-fitting effect.  

VST - free download

This valuable tool is completely free - please download your free copy of the VST now, and you'll have it up and running in minutes.

Download VST

Please note that apart from the online instructional video and simple instructions, there is no personal support available with this free offer.

Why is the VST free?

1) We hope that the uniquely instant visual approach to strategy risk/reward backtesting becomes the new standard;
2) We also hope that a small percentage of VST users realize this new platform's potential, and upgrade to the VST professional version.

VSTpro - price/order

The unique VSTpro is not just another add-on, and it is not for everyone.   It is a complete professional system development and trading platform for the dedicated trader.

For entry-level traders who are frustrated with traditional systems and value time saved on strategy research & development, the VSTpro represents outstanding value.   For active professional traders, the VSTpro is priceless - please see trade table for VSTpro (paper trade) returns with a modest trading capital since the beginning of 2010.

A well-run managed fund typically asks investors for 2% fees plus 20% of any profits.   If we apply the managed fund pricing model to the VSTpro's trade results, it would result in performance-based fees of approx $8,000+ per year  based on current performance.

The complete VSTpro platform can be yours for a fraction of its true worth, for a once-only payment equivalent of 2 oz gold which is approximately $3200 USD or 2600 Euro at recent fx rates.

Please see here for the VSTpro's price in your currency:      USD    EUR    AUD    CAD    GBP    BRL    INR    HKD    SGD    TRY    ZAR    SAR

Order VSTpro

The complete VSTpro platform is available without any hidden catches:
       Just a single one-time only payment;
       No restriction on the VSTpro's code in any way - it is not a black box trading system;
       All future VSTpro version updates are free.

Included with your Visual Strategy Trader Professional platform is a month's subscription to the best MetaStock training service available: LearnMetaStock.com.   When VSTpro clients login to LearnMetaStock.com, they'll find extensive VSTpro/VSTmod/VSTopt professional tutorial videos produced by world-renowned MetaStock trainer Kevin Nelson.
New to MetaStock?   You'll find everything you need at LearnMetaStock.com to help you get up and running with MetaStock in no time.


Henry K, veteran MetaStock programmer, re VST free:
VST is a very impressive system.   It quantifies the entries vs the amount of risk at the time of the trade.
I have to give Jose Silva a tip of the cap for sharing this.   It is far more impressive and robust a system than any add-on that Equis sells.
Please feel free to accept this response as an overwhelming endorsement of your [VST free] system.

Henry K, VSTpro owner:
This is what Equis should have done with the enhanced system tester in the first place!
I have to praise Jose Silva for developing this.   It is by far the most impressive add-on that is available for the MetaStock user ever!

BC, Canada:
MetaStock's new VST software is one of the best I have seen.   Changing the parameters without having to rewriting the formulas is great for a beginner like me.   Risk management is my top priority and this lets us take advantage of that, and gives every investor a better chance at succeeding.   Hats off to Jose Silva.

TB, Canada, VSTpro owner:
A big reason for getting me through the [price] shock was speaking with you about the program and coming to realize that you are very honest and thoughtful.   I would never have purchased this program on a whim because over the years I have been disappointed with various purchased programs.   I know people selling trading systems which I can safely bet that traders will make no money using, even though they would have paid $5000+.
As you know I've put in quite a bit of time with the VST[pro] program, and from that effort it became obvious to me that this was something very different and that this approach would work with almost any style especially countertrend trading.   I am very impressed with the ability to test my own ideas and getting immediate feedback.   The whole thing can only be described by the word innovative.
I have been at this [trading] for a long time but this program is teaching me how to trade properly and revealing the many bad habits that I have learned over the years.
This is one fantastic program.   I like MetaStock but I absolutely love this platform.
The more I experiment with VSTpro the more impressed I become.   I am very pleased with my purchase of VSTpro.

VS, India:
The VST must be the Magnum Opus of your financial career.   Wish you all the best for your new endeavour.

BJ, India:
Thanks a lot for introducing me to the VST.   And I must congratulate you for having developed a very good system.   I am still getting my hands around it.   Surely lots of experiments lies ahead :)

JO, Canada, VSTpro owner:
[Jose] you have once again surpassed yourself with [the VSTpro].   Frankly the MetaStock community would not be the same without you.

JT, Sweden, prior to VSTpro purchase:
Kevin, I have had a 'sneak preview' of your [VSTpro] videos and I can honestly tell you already that my trading will never be the same after this.   Please express my gratitude to Jose for an outstanding job.   The Street would have paid him a small fortune for this plug-in and he is selling it for just two ounces of gold...

JT, Sweden, after VSTpro purchase:
I want to express my gratitude to you for all the time and effort you must have spent in developing this magnificent trading tool.

KJ asks prior to purchase of VSTpro:
I am intrigued by the VST, mostly because the MACD kit is the best MS addon that I have ever had, as I have posted on several bulletin boards.   What inputs are adjustable?   How much programming ability is needed?   The great strength of the MACD is its simplicity-you could plug it in, use it in default mode and beat most professional money managers.   I hope that [the] VST isn't unnecessarily complicated.   More importantly what is the underlying logic behind the system? (I have wasted way too much money on systems that simply defy logic.)

Hi KJ,
The VST is free, so I take it that you are enquiring about the VSTpro.   The VSTpro platform is like a BMW super car, complex beyond belief under the bonnet, easy and a pleasure to drive. :)
Everything built into my first retail trading system has been built around the ease-of-use concept.   The VSTpro's standard system is as simple to use as applying a template to a chart and following the buy/sell signals.
Once you get comfortable with the basic options in the VSTpro platform, you can dig deeper into system analysis functions that give you unprecedented control and speed in developing or customizing your own systems.   Little or no programming ability is required for even the most seemingly complex VSTpro tasks.   The VSTpro instructional video library will guide you through all available functions and modules step by step.

WM, USA, VSTpro client:
Just a quick note to say thank you.   Although I am not yet actively trading with the VSTpro, I will be.   And minimally, I took the trade signal from the MTF sell signal to exit all my retirement portfolio on March 7th [2011], which has already saved me the price of the purchase.
I am finding that the VSTpro is helping me gain confidence and to relax emotionally, as I can see the market unfold and visually observe my drawdowns, signals, equity curve, and diversity of details of the [available] statistics.   The efficiency of gathering this information [with the VSTpro platform] helps me stay focused, and enhances my sentiment towards trading.   Thank you for developing this marvelous tool.

JK, USA, VSTpro client posts in private VSTpro usergroup:
As we all search for the ultimate system, let's not forget that Jose's MTF absolutely nailed the recent (Aug 2011) turn in the US market.
Thank you, Jose!


Since there is no possible way to return any software and verify that any installation or copies have been completely deleted, we have a strict no-refund policy for software and services delivered.   Please take your time to review all VSTpro material and video presentations found here, and make an informed decision on your VSTpro investment.


  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Performance may vary depending on data used:
We use and recommend EOD data from Premium Data.
  This product is an educational tool; it is not a recommendation
to buy or sell, and should only be used by investors who are
aware of the risk inherent in trading.
  Neither Jose Silva nor MetaStockTools.com shall be held liable
for any investment losses based on the use of this software.
  All VST code remains the property of Jose Silva.
MetaStock® is a registered trademark of Equis International.